For function and appearance, it is
important to use quality materials
with a professional installation.

When it comes to your fences & decks, we ensure that you get the security, privacy and gathering space that you need by offering a variety of heights and materials. We will provide you with samples of all the choices that are available so that you can accurately envision what the finished product will look like. The entire project will be mapped out, and the design will be fully customizable based on what is best for your yard. There are many options to choose from, including the option for steps on your deck, and a variety of baluster opens. For all fencing & decks, posts are secured in concrete to maintain the longevity, durability and strength of your structure.

Additional Info

It’s been said that fences make great neighbours!

Fences offer privacy and security for you and your loved ones.
There is a wide array of fencing options today. 5ft, 6ft, lattice tops, architectural styles, pt green, pt brown, and cedar.
The options are endless!

Installation of a fence requires a set plan.

Firstly locates are required to ensure that any buried lines, cables are located. In areas where lines are detected close to digging areas handheld digging is critical.

All clear areas can be dug by the use of a 10 in auger.
Depending on the area it may be a combination of auger, hand digging, cutting with a sawzall and use of a pry bar.

Holes are dug to a depth of 42 in and the posts are secured in the ground using an approved concrete compound. (Post and hole). The posts require 24 hours to set.
A string line should be used o ensure posts are in a straight line. 4×4 10 ft posts or 4×4 12 ft posts are the most common lengths.

Once the concrete has dried (cured), 2×4 are installed between each 4×4.
Depending on the height 2-3 are installed. They are attached to the 4×4 posts by use of a hangar.

Once the 2×4 are installed then the fence boards are nailed to the 2 x4 .
Depending on the fence style chosen boards are installed on alternate sides, same sides, gapped, no gap. Boards are attached using a pneumatic nailing gun.

Again depending on your style choice the top of the fence is finished of, 4×4 posts are cut to correct height and ball tops are attached to the tops of 4×4.