An Irrigation system is an important
tool to help you maintain the health,
look, and function of your property.

Whether your property is residential or commercial, we will find the irrigation system that works best to suit your needs. Working with only the best top-of-the-line equipment (specifically Rainbird and Hunter), we will strategically map your system out to maximize your coverage and ensure the most efficient watering. We take care of all of the installation to make sure the job is done properly, and should you encounter an issue with anything, we also take care of all the servicing of your system so that you have peace of mind that everything is properly cared for. We offer start ups and shut downs, and we also offer a variety of automatic timing systems which makes running your irrigation system virtually effortless.

Additional Info

The key to an efficient irrigation system lies in its layout. Head placement for maximization of coverage is critical as well as proper rotor and spray head selection.

All systems are operated by an automatic controller. It allows for lawn watering at various times of the day, as well as which day. Seasonal adjustments on the controller maximize water efficiency.

The installation of a rain sensor optimizes water savings by turning the system off during rain falls.

Remote control systems allow for controller adjustment away from the controller.

A nice add on feature is the installation of a fertigation system. this system ties into your irrigation system and dispenses fertilizer each time your lawn is watered.

All plumbing work is done by a licensed plumber.
The main water line is cut and we tie in our own line. a backflow preventer is Installed as well as a tap for drainage in the fall. All copper pipe is 3/4” and we use both 3/4”and 1” lines for the irrigation pipe.

One main line is run to the exterior of the home. from there it is fed into a valve box and then split into separate valves. The number of valves depends on the number of zones.

From the valve each line runs to sprinkler heads. they may be rotor heads or spray heads. we use only Hunter or Rainbird heads.

Each head is attached to a threaded connection and it is then inserted into the poly pipe. it is secured by clamping it with an oetiker clamp.

All irrigation lines are dug to a depth of approx 8” and the sod is placed back on top of the lines. Within a few weeks there is no sign any work had been done on the lawn.

In the fall, each year, systems are blown out with compressed air to ensure that no water is in the system.