Nothing says pride of ownership like having
a beautiful front lawn!

Achieving a stunning, level and vibrant lawn can be a difficult thing to do on your own. We take this task very seriously. Whether a new build, or an existing home, the key to a beautiful lawn lies in the preparation. From high-quality top soil to the use of the proper tools, and having proper compaction of the soil to ensuring proper drainage, we make sure that we are fully prepared for whatever YOUR lawn needs to thrive.

Additional Info

The most important aspect of growing good grass is having enough good quality topsoil. The base of topsoil should be 6-8″ deep as over time the topsoil will compact.

When applying topsoil the use of a bobcat is essential in moving, spreading and compacting the soil. The use of a roller is also critical to ensure that the ground meets specifications.

It is also imperative that the ground be sloped away from the house to ensure proper water drainage.

Once the ground has been fully prepared sodding can begin.
Border the area you are sodding and then lay within the border.
Lay the sod in alternate fashion so the seams do not meet at any point.

Once the sod has been laid (some pieces need to be cut) the entire lawn should be rolled and completely saturated with water.

When re-sodding a lawn 6-8″ of old lawn needs to be removed so as to remove as much of the problem as possible (ie.: bugs disease)